Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stress Test

Just when I did not think that any more stress could come my way I find out just how wrong I can be. Where to begin...from the beginning, I guess.

So the Residential Life staff is hosting their Albertus @ nite event this Saturday: Medieval Times. There will be tons of food, games and prizes and it will definitely be an awesome time. The only thing is that I volunteered to spearhead the event. Luckily, I have the help of my amazing friend and Co-RA, Carlo, to help me run and plan this event. Without him, it would not have been as much fun. There are still so many things to get done in regards to preparations and I have no idea where to begin.

Yesterday, I had written about how my dad was helping me with computer troubles. Well, those problems were pretty serious. My computer was not cooperating. It took from 12am until 6pm yesterday to fix everything that was going on with the computer. I was ready to have a melt down. The worst part of the day was when I found out that the power went out again in three of my residents' rooms...including my own! My refrigerator is constantly being turned on and off because of power issues. It is so stressful to have to worry about the fridge developing a smell because of things like this.

I was ready to just curl into a ball on the floor and sit that way for the next week or so. On top of all this, there is school work that needs to be completed, trip fees that need to be paid and so many other things. I just have to remember that nothing is too much to handle if I just sit back and breathe for a while. I did that by going downtown for some coffee before duty tonight. It always feels so good to just leave campus, even if it is only for an hour.

Now, I will try to sleep because it just might help. Goodnight!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Gets in the Way

I was having some technical difficulties with my laptop, so I put in a call to my IT guy back in New York. I figured, what better time to write in my blog than while I am on the phone with my father. He has everything under control anyway. I do not speak computer that well. I know enough to get by.

School is crazy, but someone...please, answer me this. How is it that I just handed in my first paper last Thursday? I have been in school since January 6th and I just wrote a paper. I do not really count the two papers I wrote for my winter session War Films class because that was before the semester started. Last Thursday, I handed in a paper on the relationship between action and desire within T.S. Eliot's poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." I actually think I did really well on that paper because it is one of my favorite poems. It is about this middle-aged man wandering the streets as he contemplates whether or not he should make a move on the woman he is attracted to. It is a very sad, but equally beautiful piece because it speaks so well to the human mentality and our ability to make decisions for ourselves. We spend so much time questioning our actions and whether or not we should make a move or surrender to the game, but it teaches us that we should not be afraid to take risks and put ourselves out there.

As you can see, I have a lot to say on this poem. My paper had to be five pages long. It was five with a couple of lines on the sixth page and the seventh as the works cited. I am pretty proud of the work I did on it.

I am actually thinking of starting to work on all the assignments that I will have due at the end of year now so that I can just kick back, relax and read something fun while all the other students are busy playing the end of the year game.

I cannot believe that the year is just about over. My junior year of college is gone. Senior year is about to go equally as fast. It is very scary to me that next May I will be graduating from Albertus. I won't be back in the fall of 2015.
Before I get too chilly from all this deep thought, I am going to jump into bed. It's about that time. As soon as I get the okay from the IT tech on my phone, it will be lights out for me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break is Over

I don't know about any of you, but returning to my higher education after a week of doing absolutely nothing has been and will continue to be a major struggle. There is so much work to complete: tests, poems, Breakwater final copy, events, and essays. I feel like I am drowning in the work pile. Does anyone else feel that way? The only way to alleviate all this stress is to just cut loose and do something relaxing, fun and mindless. Tomorrow, Courtney and I are going to see the highly anticipated film adaptation of the Veronica Roth novel, Divergent. I have been waiting for this since November! I read Divergent, which is the first in the series, and I have to say...I was a little confused at times. It is much longer than Hunger Games by and I was also reading it while I was taking classes so that may have added to my confusion. The movie tomorrow will definitely clarify things for me.

I am mainly excited for tomorrow because I am spending the day with my best friend, Courtney. She and I are nearly inseparable. Spring Break was like hell being away from one another for so long; withdrawal symptoms were already in full swing and the cold sweats were going to begin. That's how much we need each other. 

Right now, I am on duty. Duty means that tons of homework will hopefully get accomplished. So I will try and get back to it. 

21 Means Legal and Legal = St. Patty's Dance Fun

So, last night SGA hosted the St. Patrick's Day Dance here on campus! It was fun...up until the dance floor got so crowded that I was repeatedly stepped on by super tall guys. Ah...the pains of being only 5'3". This was a milestone dance for me because over the break, I turned 21 years old. I can drink in the pub on campus and it is completely legal. I feel like there are millions of new responsibilities sitting on my shoulders. I suppose that that is truly what becoming an adult is all about. It is about being able to do all these things and then testing the waters in our habitats. It is trial and error, really.

My ego was bouncing off the walls of the House of Bollstadt because I was able to walk up to the dance sign in table and receive my yellow bracelet that marks my age for the bartender of the night. Since the most I have really had to drink is a glass of wine with my family, I started off easy last night: Bud Light with Lime. It was super delicious and I felt so self-important drinking it.

DJ Bry was in charge...like normal, except this time I actually enjoyed the music he chose to play. One of my friends requested the "Selfie" song and that was fun to dance to. Of course, everyone in the room took tons of selfies during it. I prefer to listen to the song with the music video because at least that way you can distract yourself by searching for your favorite celebs' #selfie. If you have never heard this song or seen this music video, now is your chance! Believe me...it is sooooooo worth the views!

Selfie by The Chainsmokers

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Part 1

Okay, so let me just start by saying that today was my birthday party, not my actual birthday. I am not officially 21 until 7:11pm on Tuesday March 11. I had an amazing birthday dinner. My mom did an awesome job with all the food and my cake. My cake was adorable! It was vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Yum!

Dinner was like a traditional Italian dinner, as if we were eating at. King Umberto's or someplace fancy like that. Mommy prepared spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, broccoli, roasted cauliflower and salad with a homemade dressing. The only downside is that my new vegetarian diet does not allow for consumption of left over meat products. Oh well.

I got some really nice gifts tonight too. Rachel and Warren bought me this beautiful green goblet as the special birthday girl glass. I used it during dinner and it is very cool! It reminds me of a goblet you would use at Medieval Times. My cousins got me wine, chocolate and a book about wines. The book has a whole scratch and sniff part that is so cool! My aunt got me this gorgeous birthstone bracelet. It's so sparkly! My uncle bought me season 3 of The Hills. I am very excited to pop that into my DVD player. Last year, I watched that while I did homework, but Netflix removed it. Now, I own it! Lastly, my parents and grandparents bought me a Nexus 7 Tablet. Now, I don't always have to bring my laptop to class if I need to type something or send some emails. My laptop is so heavy some days. This is very convenient for me to have this and it is perfect timing too.

Overall, this was an awesome birthday! It will continue to be awesome when we get to Tuesday. For now, I must sleep because it is 4:30am and I have a 10am dentist appointment.

Happy Birthday...now, go get your mouth cleaned!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vacation Time

My spring break commenced on Friday and I was not ready to go.  There were so many things that needed to get done. I have just embarked on this journey of a meatless Lent and already I face controversy in the cafeteria. There were three different macaroni & cheese choices: spicy buffalo chicken, plain with sausage in it it and one other kind. Either way, all the options had meat. I could have gotten a grilled cheese or something, but where would the challenge have been in that? I went for the mac & cheese with sausage and I did not have a single bite of meat! I am going to pat myself on the back for that.

Thursday, was a different kind of lunch day. Chef was making his own smoothies! He had blueberries, bananas, strawberries, orange juice and what I believe was pineapple juice. He added a dab of honey and cream and for my first time having a smoothie, it was a delicious experience. I had a strawberry banana smoothie. I might start making those at home!

My friends kind of giggled because I told them I had never had a smoothie before. Why? Because I am afraid of lumps! I admit it. I am afraid of a lumpy smoothie. I am the same way with applesauce when my mom makes it. If the sauce has even one lump, I most likely will not come back for seconds. Maybe I will go to the library or the bookstore and get a book of smoothies I can make and start making them over the break. That would solve my no meat dilemma while I am living at home for the next week.

Carlo and I had to wait for all of our residents to take off for break before we could depart for the week. I was actually having a lot of fun closing up with him. He makes me laugh so hard that I feel like my stomach will explode and I love that feeling!

After packing and repacking several times, I was finally prepared for a long week in New York.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 1: Lenten No Meat Challenge

Okay, so before I get into too many details, I need to put this disclaimer out there. I am not saying that I frown up Lent, I'm just saying that I do not really understand it. 

This is the first year since maybe Elementary school that I am giving something up for Lent. I attended Catholic school and mass for 12 years, but I never understood any of it. What was really the point in telling Catholics that they needed to give something up for 40 days when you know that half of them will forget that they gave it up?This year, I am putting it to the test to see for myself.

 I have decided to give up meat and sweets from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. This is all a part of my weight loss efforts. I am really trying to lose a lot of weight in the next year or so and I am hoping this will help me to make even the slightest dent in the project.

Unfortunately, my birthday is after Lent has begun, so I have given myself a pass for those two, yes two, days to indulge in meat and desserts. On Sunday, March 9, I will celebrate my birthday with my family and then March 11 is my real birthday. I might even just have meat for one meal on those days. We do not have lunch on Sunday's so that one is simple because we are only having meat for dinner. On Tuesday, I will do the same and only have meat for dinner. 

Since this is my no meat diet challenge, I make the rules and I can alter them at any time. I have been thinking that maybe I should just make a "no meat during the week" rule instead of no meat at all. I'm just not sure I am ready to be a veggie monster for 40 days or more. 

I really started this diet on Sunday. I have been eating mostly peppers, carrots, cucumbers and salads since dinner time on Sunday. On Monday, I threw in some cheese cubes that the cafeteria had thrown in with the stuff offered in the salad bar. My boss told me that they go great in a salad...and he was right! Delicious! Today was a pretty good day. I prepared myself a classic garden salad (lettuce, cucumbers, and balsamic vinaigrette) for dinner alongside a grilled cheese sandwich.

Oh yeah...I have this diet in the bag.

Monday, March 3, 2014

You Know You love Me

Yesterday, was a long day. Granted, it was only Sunday night, but I stayed up until 12am watching the Oscars. The stars all looked fabulous and bejeweled, of course, and with Ellen as the host; it was hilarious. She bought pizza at one point and then proceeded to take up a collection of money with Pharrell's hat that looks vaguely like Smokey the Bear's hat.

Before that, Courtney and I went to Little Ceaser's to get her some dinner. As we were getting into the car to leave, we saw a few of our friends walking up the hill. Sidenote: I love hanging out with Courtney simply because we make each other laugh. She has been sort of hiding out in her room and trying not to be seen by other people on campus. 

Anyway, so we get in the car and she screams "I'm hibernating!!!! We have to get out of here!" She reverses from the spot in the parking lot and we tear out of there. It was hilarious. We are both huge fans of the television and book series, Gossip Girl, and the two of us start to recite what could be the opening of our own Gossip Girl blog post. It would go a little something like this:

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. What's making the headlines on my homepage? Courtney Pray.

It seems that C was last heard from fleeing McAuliffe. Got something to hide C? What we really want to know is who was riding shotgun. 

That's a secret I'll never tell. 
XOXO Gossip Girl

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just Shootin' the Breeze

It’s only Wednesday night and I feel very stressed already. Last night was my weekly RA staff meeting and my boss, Justin, handed out our Intent to Return forms and projects. I am so scared to complete this. I know that I am a great RA, but now I am being asked to recap my year, my strengths, and weaknesses and essentially tell my bosses why I should be rehired. The project itself is not the scary part, but the idea of giving an oral presentation makes me sick to my stomach. Just thinking about it makes me want to heave. It’s like all the blood rushes out of my body and I go cold. I want to pack my bags and head for someplace far away from this presentation. Yes, because that is the easier solution than facing my fears and just doing it.

On the plus side, I will only have to go through this once because after next year, I will be graduating from Albertus. I will start working on it this weekend so I can be well rehearsed when the week of March 17th comes. For now, I will just focus on spring break and the relief I will feel as I enter my relaxing/working vacation.
Lately, I find myself venturing back into the old Gilmore Girls routine from years ago. When I feel down, I turn on an episode and everything feels okay again. There is so much drama with friends that I feel like the Gilmore Girls are a couple of good friends that will never cause drama that I want to escape. They are purely the entertainment.

Sometimes I find that that show glorifies and simplifies family problems that are not that simple: teen pregnancy, run-aways, and ugly parent/child relationships. I love the show so much that sometimes I forget how best-case-scenario it can be. A 16 year old girl, from a wealthy family, gets pregnant, runs away, builds her life from the ground up (with an infant by her side), starts her own business and her child actually gets to go to an amazing high school on to a prominent Ivy League college? These are the things that novels are made of, but often I forget that is fiction and I catch myself saying, “I want to be just like Rory!”
No, I don’t. Rory, a perfect, fictional character, is someone I truly wish to emulate in her reading and musical tastes; but I could never trade the family I have for the one she lacks.

Even though my family fights (whose family does not) I would not trade them for anyone else’s family. That’s why I am so excited for this break. I miss my family. We tease each other until there is nothing left to tease and someone wants the other person to disappear

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Changing My Ways

There is this super awesome, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity staring me in the face. The only problem is...I am broke. No, wait, let me re-phrase that. I am so broke that charities are going to start raising money for me. It's my own fault though. I have the disgusting, spend-thrift gene in me. I buy everything that I see and more often than not I feel guilty for it afterwards. Sometimes I wish I could just return everything I ever bought and get all my money back. 

For $6,000 dollars, I have the opportunity to go to South Africa in another year. I was on the phone with my mom today and she was telling me that I would need to cover at least $1,000 -$ 2,000 of the trip costs. Wow.

It seems fair to me. My parents sent my sister and I to France and Spain a few years ago and that was for the two of us. I think that if I cut myself off today from spending extra money then I can maybe go. It will be very hard for me because my friends want to do stuff. I can't just become a shut in, but at the same time...I don't make enough money to keep up with them. I have big plans for myself, but for those big plans to actually happen, I have to have money.

I want to move to California. According to my cousin, it would not cost me too much.
I have to buy a car to get to California with and use while I live there. 
I want to go to South Africa. I want to buy an apartment. I want to adopt pets.

All of these things require money and until I catch my first big break and write that novel, I need to save all of my pennies. My two compromises for myself; I will not surrender Netflix and I will not give up Spotify. That is not happening. I tried that free version of Spotify for the mobile device, but it was terrible. It was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. Pardon my dramatics, but my music is important. So, you figure $18 a month for my free movie/music access and that's it. I am not renewing my Amazon Prime because it costs a lot of money. I had a one year free trial that ended January 22, 2014. Bummer. My second tattoo will have to wait a while longer. Maybe in the summer? Maybe next Fall. I don't know. We will have to see.

Who knows? Maybe the book I am working on will actually pan out. Maybe I can get something published. That's the dream. It would be nice to come into some money. I am so tired of being poor while other people just get money handed to them everyday. I either need an excellent get-rich-quick scheme or I need to marry rich. maybe a combination of both.

Fingers crossed.